Tworzywa pierwotne & Recykling

POLI-HURT | Tworzywa sztuczne Częstochowa



POLI-HURT is a wholesaler of plastic acting in the southern provinces of Poland. For years we supply our customers with all the basic species of plastic: LLDPE , LDPE , HDPE, Polypropylene and Polystyrene.
POLI is a company engaged in the recycling of post-production entirely of plastic waste. We buy good quality waste that is processed on the machines EREMA, WEIMA and TRIA for the blow that offered quality of the original plastic from the refinery. The standing offer are mainly LDPE and polypropylene, colorless, white and other colours.
Upon request, we service granulating and grinding waste clean foil, boxes, etc.

We deliver with our own transport. We have trucks with load capacities from 3.5t to 14t , each equipped with a mobile platform.